In 2016 I started a research for my FMP at uni and was reading up a lot about wellness and ethical fashion, now it’s not like it was a new discovery to me, but I was never one to really pay attention to such things prior to that year mainly because my style was very much trend driven and of course if you put into account income wise I was very much a quantity over quality shopper. I am for sure not someone who would call herself 100% ethical when it comes to my clothing choices, I wear leather, I wear cashmere and I rely heavily on my washing machine. However recently I’ve started to be more mindful of products that I use that may be tested on animals and really looking into the brands/companies that I am handing my money to.

However from the point where I got into the project a lot more things came into light of the damages, the fashion industry has done not only to our environment but the people working behind it as well – again not all of this was new news to me, but something that I overlooked- so I made a decision to stop. I stopped shopping and when I did I paid more attention, attention to where the things I was getting were coming from, to who made them and¬†I asked myself the question ‘if this costs this much, how much is the person who had to make this made?‘ and really the one question that is the easiest to answer most of the time ‘do I really need it?‘.

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Of course¬†I’m not here trying to tell everyone to stop shopping, hell if that was my message then I probably got a degree just to throw it in the trash. What I’m hoping to achieve is that my readers, like myself can start paying a little more attention. The slow fashion movement is not about quitting consumption, it’s about trying your best to contribute to a better change.

Brands are slowly catching up to this and changing take H&M for example, they are not 100% ethical, there is no way that a ¬£9.99 t-shirt can cost that much and be made with fair trade cotton and whoever made it was paid enough but as a company the H&M group are becoming more aware of the damages fast fashion has to it’s workers and the environment and have introduced a plan to change for the better.

One awesome website for finding out about brand’s contribution to an ethical production it Fashion Revolution. I’ve also learned lots on the slow fashion¬†topic by reading the posts up on New Classics.¬†

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