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141110 – Oh Well…

fashion, Uncategorised 2014-11-11

If you ask me, at the begining of the day I would say todays post was meant to be about a lovely event I was meant to attend called Bloggers Love hub, but those plans quickly went down hill as per usual. I guess I have getting my degree above all things, so networking was […]

140526 – Spring Bank Holiday

Uncategorised 2014-05-26

It’s the last week of May and it’s Spring bank holiday! It doesn’t really matter since I have half term. A whole week to revise for my last few exams. I promised myself and my friend R that I would do some work, considering I gave myself friday afternoon and the weekend off from revision. […]

140523 – Almost There

Uncategorised 2014-05-23

Currently my hands smell and taste like metal! Gross, but that’s what cheap rings do to ya, just going to have to live with it. On that happy note, hi! It’s been a really long time. Exams are driving me nuts and I hate the world right now. If I see one more ancient Greek […]