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May 2017:

  Final major project submission for the final year of Fashion Marketing and Management Course a UCA. With this project, a website & printed branding pack was submitted, including a mock campaign featuring & Other Stories products.

The project rose to action after conducting a market research on the wellness industry and how it can be applied to the fashion industry. From looking into mental/stress issues that frequently occur in the fashion industry, my research was backed by interviews with editors from publications such as Well To Do London, Womens’ Health Magazine and The Global Wellness Institute.
Based on my personal career goals the projected leaned more towards a consultancy/service provider to target a niche consumer group on the issues discovered in the research. The Vault is an online based consultancy focusing on providing brands with insights and marketing strategies to incorporate ethical and sustainable practices into their code of conduct.



Promotion Examples

full market report, research, presentation and branding pack available in .PDF format, if interested please feel free to drop me an email.

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