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September 2015:

Interned with Black Frame┬áLondon team for the first time. Planning, prepping and finally seeing the fruit of the labor. Those sleepless nights/early mornings, handwriting every single invitation. Pulling outfits for VIP guests for send-outs, getting soaked by the lovely September showers distributing those dreaded hand-delivered invites. Loved every minute and moment, would do it over again and again, there’s no better thrill than waiting for the music to queue and the models being sent out to show the collection that just a few days ago you were frantically on the phone trying to get into the country.

With communications, Black Frame leverages their extensive media network to gain meaningful editorial coverage and maximize digital and social media impact. Beyond traditional PR, they strategize game-changing ways to engage their network more profoundly, with collaborations, events, and influencer partnerships. With creative direction, they create content and brand strategies that ultimately become the powerful brand stories that resonate with targeted audiences.


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