141018 – Overjoyed and Energised

These last couple of weeks my brain has been everywhere aching to take on projects, and making up ideas. You won’t even believe the mess my personal journal has become. I think it has to do with the fact that I am really enjoying what I’m doing at university. It’s something I’ve always been eager to learn, and I’m getting access to such amazing platforms, and had talks with such creative and interesting people that I just want to jump into things and get them done. I tend to get ahead of myself a lot. However, today I have decided to stop for a bit and just relax. Yes I am having an all day in bed Saturday and you can’t judge me because I know you’re probably doing the same thing. I was looking through my files and came across these photos from one of my very first blog attempts, and well, they are just too good to be left in my laptop without sharing. So try these quick drinks and let me know what you think



I used a juicer to blend all of the fruits and leafs together. I've never tried blending it, but if it works let me know!

I used a juicer to blend all of the fruits and leafs together. I’ve never tried blending it, but if it works let me know!

140913 – A Hard Knock Life

There are times where I really question wether I’ll even be able to make it into this industry I desperately want to be part of. Maybe it’s just cold feet because I really don’t know what to expect out of the course I chose to take at university, or because sometimes I feel like I really made the wrong choice, and now I don’t really feel like I can go back. 
In an industry that is so exclusive I don’t even understand how an introvert like myself will ever be able to truly succeed. It’s not like I’m going into this to provide the fashion world with new designs, I’m no Alexander Wang or Christian Siriano. Trust me the last thing I know how to do is draw, let alone make a t-shirt. I’m the type of person that loves to panic about things that haven’t even happened. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but by the time I was 10 years old, I already knew exactly what I wanted to study at university, now that it’s literally a day away I am panicking about what will happen to me once I’ve finished it. Not only that but will I even be able to get a placement during my sandwich year. And what if by the end of all this, it goes smoothly but I still won’t have a guaranteed career. Yes I know it’s years away but sitting around and waiting for it to then think about it is a waste.
 The period I spent wondering if I would even get the grades required to get into university, I felt so lost because there might have been a possibility that all the stuff I had planned and set up for myself years before could have gone to a halt or worse and just not happen at all. I hate not knowing what to do next, and it really scares me. 
How on earth will I, the girl who’s family is mainly inclined into maritime, military or oil (not in the millionaire standards, I wish lol)  turn that into fashion. This industry that honestly the only way I can seem to put it into one word is ‘incest’ but not in the creepy sexual form, but like an industry where it’s simply about who you know. I know no one! I can’t even get someone to reply to me when I’m offering myself to help out with events for free. 
Perhaps I just need to be more optimistic and trust myself and my work ethic to pay off, but with a personality like mine, it’s really not the easiest. I just hope the future isn’t as terrifying as I’m making it out to be in my head. But off to more positive thinking I go, like in the words of an awesome blogger “negativity isn’t cute!

photos via tumblr. 

140909 – A Nostalgic Sorta Thing

When one is in need of extra cash, one finds a paying job. When one fails drastically a job interview, what does one do to cheer up? Retail therapy! Haha I know funny, I’m looking to make extra and end up spending more. Hey that’s just how I function. And after a very expensive splurge at American Apparel I was not going to let it to waste. This adorably pricy skirt just keeps me all happy. I just remember my uniform wearing days and how much I hated them, but then came to really appreciate them when I moved to college and could wear whatever. Trust me year 10 outfits are the ones I most want to erase from my mind. I remember once I gave up on life and went in wearing a white oversized Girls’ Generation hoodie and aqua blue Victoria’s Secret sweatpants. My goodness that was bad. Looking back I think I looked like a marshmallow. 
Obviously a skirt this short would have gotten me an email home complaining that my skirt was far too short, and it’s giving the school a bad image blah blah blah. I remember once, a couple of the girls in my year (including me) got in trouble for wearing thigh high socks instead of tights or just ankle socks, there was an entire assembly and everything! Ah good old middle school days

140908 – Here’s To The Best

So I’ve been very MIA on the blog recently. No excuses, I just have been very very lazy and without anything to share. 
My summer is ending pretty quickly, starting from today I have exactly 7 days of freedom, and then the hard work begins again. Now I’m not sure what to expect, I’ve never been to uni before (as for most my age) all I know is that I really want to make the best out of this course, and break out of my shell. One thing I’ve always been guilty off is never actually going out of my way to meet people, and socialise and actually make friends >_< most of the time I just wait for the other person to do so, well not anymore! At least I hope. 
Though I did feel like I pretty much wasted this summer, I felt like I needed these months of doing nothing, and not worrying about deadlines, and the only thing keeping me up at night was wether I passed my exams or not. I feel refreshed and ready to start anew. 
Being back in England has gotten me to miss Portugal a lot. Here it’s all the usual, but there, there was a lot happening, the wedding stress, the family pressure and curiosity and snarky comments from elders about my weight/choice in clothing actually kept me very happy, haha who would have thought. 
I am ready to discover a new me, and this jump into independence is something I remember always thinking about it. To think that when I was 10 years old I went up to my mum and told her “this is the university I want to go to, to study this” and next week it’ll actually be happening gives me chills. I never thought my determination was actually that strong (haha word play on T-ara). All I hope for is to be able to get good opportunities throughout my time at uni and making the best out of it. I always try to not be too optimistic and prepare myself for anything, because truthfully it’s impossible to completely map out your life, we never know what can happen. So raise your glasses (i have water) , here’s for the best! I hope you all had a reflective and relaxing summer. 

140813 – My Ear Candy

I couldn’t think of a better title for this post. If some of you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, please take the time to experience this song (I am already sick of this song…probably got sick of it 2 years ago). Anyway tangents tangents tangents that’s my expertise ^^ 
I was on Etsy looking at stuff (as you do) and came across this really cute jewellery store, and I couldn’t resist, so I placed my order and voila! I do love piercings. I’ve always been fascinated by them, and always wanted one. But as someone that has self diagnosed herself with algophobia I can assure you that is not happening anytime soon. However the lords of all things accessories has brought upon us a marvellous invention that is called ‘ear cuffs’. Those my friends are items I just cannot possibly resists and am very proud to own a small collection of eclectic pieces. And these beauts are going to fit right in with the rest. 
I’m in looooove with the leaf earrings. There are two of them, but I am currently mixing gold and silver and just rocking one. But they’re so delicate looking yet edgy. The gold flower ear cuff just reminds me of the ear cuff empress Victoria wore in the Red Light MV even though it’s nothing close to it (but a girl can dream). And the little fairy is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. These little jewls have brought a big smile to my face. What’s gotten you smiling recently?

earings: MAPSYstore @ Etsy

140610 – To my Boy

I’ve been really crazy with scissors lately. First it was my hair, and now I’m just going on a chopping rampage. My newest target this time is this Boy London sweater that I bought around Christmas time. I particularly like baggy sweaters, nothing makes me happy than being swallowed up by an oversized ball of soft fabric, and this sweater was no exception. But my washing skills feels otherwise, since it shrunk making it fit a bit loose, but the sleeves were really short for my extra long arms. It’s been sitting in my closet ever since, but today I happened to have my trusted pair of scissors in hands and this happened. Of course I had to add a little touch of Ruth, and cropped it in an A- symmetrical way. I tried to fully document it, but there’s really no speciality, I just went with my instincts and cut it. Like my hair! Notice that one side is longer than the other *hides in shame*
I simply eyeballed how much stomach I wanted to expose, and folded the hem, and cut the fabric slightly above the fold
For the sleeves, I measure 2 fingers from the seam and folded the sleeve so the tip would touch my middle finger, and cut the fabric slightly above the fold. 
Don’t forget to fold the sleeves, because I crazy seam is fine at the bottom of the top, but who wants crazy sleeves right!

For those who haven’t seen my new huurrr, well I shamelessly took a lot of selfies. But I’ll only post two, because I can’t possibly try to embarrass myself more than I do already on a daily bases.

wearing: boy sweater c/o Selfridges, Jeans c/o Topshop, Necklace c/o market, Rings c/o Topshop, Regal Rose, Watch c/o Casio, 

140526 – Spring Bank Holiday

It’s the last week of May and it’s Spring bank holiday! It doesn’t really matter since I have half term. A whole week to revise for my last few exams. I promised myself and my friend R that I would do some work, considering I gave myself friday afternoon and the weekend off from revision. But you know those days when your head is telling you work but your body has decided to merge itself with your bed? Yeah today is one of those days – sigh- I can feel my eyes begin to weigh down and begging me to take a legendary nap, why am I like this! 
I’d expect my colour pallet to begin to change now that the warmer days surround us, but it’s been raining a lot here and I think it’s kind of affecting me. I’m even considering getting silver hair. Ha what a disaster that would be right. But anyway, here’s what has been inspiring me today 

photos c/o tumblr

140524 – XXX

I spent the night watching Attack on Titan and Doctor Stranger avoiding twitter, because  like the crazy pathetic idiot that I am, I follow way too many Kai stans, and my tlist is flooded with photos of The Lost Planet concert, and I can’t go, and life is just so hard right now! Like why couldn’t the concert be happening where I am, and why couldn’t it be free! Actually why couldn’t I just keep JongIn in my room forever… sorry i’ll re-evaluate my life!
But to make me feel better the post man came, and he brought Studio J’s XXX with him! Getting woken up at 8 AM on a Saturday is alright if it’s to open the door to such gifts! I know how I’m spending my afternoon. Hope you’re also having a fun one

that DVD though

140523 – Almost There

Currently my hands smell and taste like metal! Gross, but that’s what cheap rings do to ya, just going to have to live with it. On that happy note, hi! It’s been a really long time.
Exams are driving me nuts and I hate the world right now. If I see one more ancient Greek sculpture/vase/temple or anything to do with English literature I will go on a rampage. The positive part is that my photography exam is over and I am DONE! I’ll put the photos up on the portfolio later, but as of now I am trying to work on a better way to present it. Making a website is not my favourite thing, or my exact expertise so that’ll probably take me a while, hopefully it’ll be done before the 3rd week of June. Right now the only thing keeping me motivated is knowing that the sun is shining and shorts have finally made a comeback in my wardrobe. Still not ready to get rid of my dark colours! I’m going to rock these until I can no longer take the heat.

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This is quite an old outfit post, if you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen it. This was taken sometime in April, when I was going for an afternoon tea with my two best firends at the Sanderson hotel. That was the day mother nature decided to give us Summer for the day and Winter for the evening. To this day I can remember my legs freezing, to death and me not having cash on me to get a cab home, meaning that I had to take the night bus that comes every 10 minutes. That was an experience I really don’t want to face again. Next time I’m sticking to my old trusty jeans, but I looked cute haha!

The past few days has been an absolute stress, my exams are coming up and my desk has been like this for 2 weeks straight. It’s giving me anxiety, but I feel that if I dare touch any of it, I won’t be able to find it again, and right now, that mess is what’s keeping me and my dream university away from each other.