151023 – Bloglovin

So ¬†ever since I¬†got this domain I was having a hard re-claiming the blog on bloglovin’. It was easy on blogspot when I first started it, but FINALLY, truthfully I don’t know why it took me so long to do this, I just contacted them and voila! Done.

So little lovelies, follow follow follow if you may. How was your week? surprisingly enough mine wasn’t as stress filled apart from Raf Simons dropping the biggest bomb on me since Alexander Wang did after Balenciaga (queue the endless tears). I’ll leave you with IU’s awesome new¬†album ‘Chat-shire’, enjoy.



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151020 ‚Äď Gen Z

I recently read a report on Generation Z, my 1995 born self desperately wants to be considered a Millenial/GenY, because to me they’re the cool kids, but to be honest a large part of myself rests on Genz. The report pointed out some amazing facts about us that got me evaluating myself and the accuracy of this.


When I read that quote I felt like it hit it right on. We have become a generation where finding stability has become the number 1 factor, we are more open and accepting compared to past¬†generations (although there is still a long way to go). This generation has found means to communicate and¬†voice out their opinions and reach masses of likeminded people through social media and the internet in general. Technology is a great part of our lives, and even though I don’t always think it’s a good thing, it¬†is an incredible medium that I should admit is super hard to stay away from.

I am constantly stressing about the future. Heck I’m still living at home with parents, and I’m thinking on how am I supposed to get a mortgage on a house when I don’t even have a credit history. This stress is not because I don’t know what I want to do, I know exactly what I want to do, I just don’t know if i’ll be stable enough. Will it get the bills payed? Will it put food on the table and most importantly will it pay for my extensive designer handbag collection! Yes I plan on having an extensive designer handbag collection. It’s in my bucket list.¬†But even so,¬†I never find myself interested on how much a job is willing to pay, as long as I can grow and develop with the company. I don’t even think I’ve ever asked a company about the salary during a job interview. As the report points out that it is a common aspect in GenZ.


Of course being at a high position sounds appealing, but what’s the fun in being stuck with a job that you’re slaving away hating life, when you can be doing something you enjoy and know that you’ll eventually grow into the position you’ve always wanted to be in doing what you like. I notice that when I am working on something that I genuinely enjoy¬†it doesn’t feel like work, and that my friends is true happiness.

The report¬†showed that our brains have evolved to absorb more information in less time, because we’re constantly occupying ourselves with various tasks, handling various tasks at once (eg. phone, TV, laptop, desktop, tablet and in my case eating. Because I’m constantly eating). Which is why most people think we have the attention span of a goldfish.¬†It drives me insane if the page doesn’t load in less then 2 seconds. I hate waiting for anything, because we’re so spoiled and lucky to have information at our fingertips in seconds. This is the reason as to why we feel like kids are growing up and maturing at a faster pace, but it also means that we get people at such a young age obsessing with outer appearance. Social media influencers also play a big part in this, and it’s a bit sad to be honest. It’s good to appreciate other people as humans, but it’s good to accept yourself and your flaws. On a brighter note, it’s good to see my generation show more appreciation for homemade or healthier food alternatives instead of fast foods. I admit to being a carb-a-holic but that is my only weakness, bread, rice and pasta are godsend, oh bless you wheat! I transcend. But I do proud myself in not having a weakness for chocolate and snacks in general. Now I just need to take up a sport, or join a gym to finally be at pace with my generation. I also like to acknowledge that we have become far more vocal about our views on our surroundings wether its politically, culturally or environmentally. Self awareness is good, but it’s not effective if your surroundings are falling apart.

Anyway, reading the report was very eye-opening and interesting to see the consumer behaviour of my peers, and as always WGSN is always spot on. I’ll link the report hope it’s not tricky to accessing wgsn (thank goodness¬†my student perks).



151001 – Ru’s Loves from #LFW

To be quit honest, this year’s London Fashion Week was just not grabbing me. Maybe it’s my currently hectic schedule that I haven’t adjusted well into, or it’s because there’s just something missing. But not much caught my eye. I could also blame that for my procrastination on putting this blog post up. But I picked a few shows who’s collections did bring up a little spark in me, so let’s get on to it.

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150927 – Souncloud Sunday

I don’t even know if I’ve posted a soundcloud playlist on this blog before,¬†I’m sure I have but don’t know. So here’s one, I’ve been listening a lot to these songs lately. They’ve helped me keep my head out of everything. It’s a pretty chill playlist, so sit back and enjoy.



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150924 – Retreat

So as I mentioned that things are hectic in life right now, that involves moving houses. My whole time living here in the UK I have not fully settled down in one house for more than 3 years. And now it finally comes another time where I have to pack my things and briefly install myself in a new location. Out of all the bedrooms I’ve had this was probably my second favourite (second favourite because it lacks the closet space). It was so cozy and for the first time in my whole time here I’ve had hardwood floors!!! I looove hardwood floors, most of the places here have carpet, not that I’m complaining, but c’mon, we all know it’s all about the wood floors. Anyway, my enthusiasm for flooring aside, I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite spots in this little retreat of mine. It was the little touches that made it feel like my little space, and hopefully i’ll feel the same way about it with my next space.



  A lot of books on fashion and marketing. If you haven't guessed, I love both subjects   

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150920 – Ru’s loves from #NYFW

So its September, only the most important month for womenswear fashion, and to be honest I am not keeping up with all the amazing things that are happening because life isn’t always perfect. I know this is a bit late, but I seem to only have time to write and re-cap on New York fashion week right now. Meaning only God knows when the re-cap for the others will come (but they will because I have to do this to maintain my sanity).

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150911 – Dumb Dumb for Red Velvet

“Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb” none stop in my head all day long! Everyone the power of SM. Red Velvet did not fail to impress once again with their first full album ‘ The Red’ (OMG finally) the music video is eclectically fascinating, other songs that leave my feet tapping in the album is obviously ‘Time slip’ and ‘Lady’s Room’. The full album is luckily on Spotify for your enjoyment so check it out!


150616 – Summer Looks

I’ve pulled out a couple of summer looks that I’ve been working during the hot times and have been drooling over. I do tend to stick to my own bubble when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t alter much in terms of clothes during the seasons, and I feel like it’s a good thing. It keeps my wallet happy to be honest. These looks are a reflection of what I would usually wear during the colder months, but with a summer twist.  Enjoy the weather guys!



I’m for sure not about to pack my fine knits away just because nature decided to bump up the degrees. Just kidding, do put some away, theres no need to keep the chunky black wool pullover just because it’s cosy, but lets compromise for the light ones, it may get a little breeze now and then.

A-line skirts are just the funnest! I love wearing year round even though I’m not the biggest fan of pairing them with tights during the winter, it still doesn’t stop me though. This look does scream school uniform and it deeply reminds me of the summer PE uniform from middle school (good old netball playing me). It’s still one of my favourites get out of bed and pull on kind of style.

This outfit is more like a staple for me. I’m the t-shirt and jeans everyday kind of girl, and I’m not gonna lie, it NEVER gets old, I don’t care how repetitive it is. I feel like accessories are the staple keys when it comes to this look. The cut of the jean may alter, the colour too, sometimes it’ll be a button up shirt rather than a t-shirt, but the items you pair it with would make the biggest difference. I’m not one to shy away from colour, so I would play with the accessories, like the Quay sunglasses, maybe a fun frame or lens (in this case both). It helps with the pop of colour and it take away the “boring” factor of the outfit (which isn’t boring at all).