160424 – Weekend Wishlist

Hi guys! It’s been a while. I do apologise for the lack of content. There’s so much going on, like I’m almost done with the second year! Time goes by so fast it’s absolutely insane. I still remember writing about how first year was almost done, and now here I am again. Although it’s been a year it feels like days. It’s all still a big blur concidering how stressful and chaotic this academic year was. I’ve been interning for a PR agency as part of my coricullum and I’ve learnt so much. Since I was 16 that I made up my mind that I wanted to go into PR and this was an amazing opportunity to see if it was really what I wanted, because interning at fashion week and interning full time are completely different, and I’m not going to lie there it has really been eye opening and got me questioning if that’s really want I want to do, which was something that was a bit scary because if you’ve had this plan already played out in your head and suddenly you hate it, I’m not saying that I hated, but I’m having second thoughts. But the good thing is I also got a lot of new skills that I think I can apply for other positions. Oh the joys of interning!

Back to what’s important, I’ve made another weekend wishlist! Haven’t done one in a while. These are just a couple of items I’ve been loving recently, they range from all different prices. You can shop them over my ‘Best of the UK’ collection at usetote.com which I’ve actually been an editor for a while, it’s an amazing app that lets you shop bloggers looks and save items to your own personal tote and it’ll notify you when something you’ve saved goes on sale! Make sure you check out the app for your phone



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160223 – The First Monday in May

I’m working on a blog post it’s not like it’s anything special or new, but the words just aren’t coming to me. It’s not like I have a lot to write, it’ll probably be like two short paragraphs but I’ve written them probably over 5 times! It’s so frustrating when nothing just sounds right!

Moving on, I haven’t watched a film in ages no thanks to my schedule but things are slowing down now, so soon I’ll be all caught up especially with Deadpool! I was supposed to watch it on the night it came out. I don’t even know what happened, I probably had a deadline or something (he first two months of this year have been such a blur). But I’m so looking forward to this! The Met Ball is an event to save the date even if you’re just going to sit at home live tweeting to the red carpet stream, I’ve always wondered what went down inside there, and of course all the prep work, that’s always the best part about anything fashion in my opinion. And this trailer! omg… goosebumps!



160204 – Hey stranger


Hey there stranger! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this page. Well here we go…

University is kicking my butt. Whoever said university was easy clearly wasn’t in the right course. I’m running on 6 hours sleep in the span of 4 days, I’m convinced that the pounding feeling on my head is here to stay so I should just accept it and move on. And my bedroom is in such a chaotic state that the only zen location I have is when I’m on the train commuting everyday (that is if it’s not delayed).

Life update: I moved houses again… but hopefully this time it’ll be final. My PR internship is less then two weeks away and I swear it’s so close yet so far away! I can’t wait to be stressing out over Fashion week then this make believe visual merchandising project. My hat is off to you VM people, you are the heroes that make it all look so easy!

My music recommendation for you guys is Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams. Yes the entire album! I’m still not over it and I’m dreading the day I get sick of it, because it’s so good! I can’t stress it enough.

Hope you guys are having a much more eventful week, and appreciate the sleep you get to have. I miss it so much



151229 – Cape Town Travel Log (Part 2)

Two days ago we decided to go the the Cape of Good Hope or Cabo da Boa Esperança I prefer the name in Portuguese >_<. We didn’t actually make it because it was 1. a last minute planning thing, and 2. we got distracted by food as always and by the adorable Penguins at Boulders Beach Penguin Sanctuary which happened to be on the way. Not only was it the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my 20 years of living, we then found out that you could actually SWIM THERE with the penguins!! I was freaking out. Too bad I didn’t come prepared to jump in the ocean. But that didn’t stop me from dipping my feet in the water just to get a little taste. My dad promised a return so I could finally spend a day at the beach, because you don’t get many days like that living in London. There’s two days left of 2015, I honestly can’t believe how quick this year has been, but I am so glad it’s over, and ending it at the end of my mother continent makes it so much better



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151226 – Cape Town Travel Log (Part 1)

My family and I had to make a trip to Cape Town for a wedding and decided to stay for the Christmas break. The trip started out badly with some complications at the airport about yellow fever vaccines to our luggage not arriving, but it had a quick turn over so after a quick trip to Mr. Price to stock on outfits for two days and settling down in this lovely villa which we’ll be calling home for the next few weeks. Our journey finally began.


We spent the first few days getting ready for the wedding, which was beautiful set in a polo club overlooking the Table Mountiain, which I’m constantly in awe at the sight of it. You can see it from every corner of the city and the view never gets old.


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So far we’ve visited Robben Island prison, for a history lover it was so fascinating to be in the same place were so many influential men in South African History were kept for years. It took every bone in my body to hold back the tears, and I learnt a lot of things.


Gorging on ice-cream has officially become my speciality, actually gorging on anything that is edible has become my speciality. I don’t even want to talk about Christmas eve or day because the food coma was severe! It’s the holidays who’s counting calories at this time of the year? I’ll let the guilt sink in after the New Years.





151117 – Orion

Hey guys! So in the midst of my procrastination I came about this youtuber, her haul video showed up on my suggested videos, and she had this beautiful wood desk on her background that I just had to go look at it for a whole entire 3 minutes. Yes I did just click on the video so I could see the desk. But as you do, I went on to see what other fun stuff she had to offer on her channel, and came across this one video, which was so cute. So from what I gather she made this (or wrote this i’m not sure, I haven’t read the book) based of Michael Faudet’s ‘Dirty Pretty Thing’ which is a collection of poems, and turned it into an aesthetically beautiful cinematography piece. I am usually the type of person that prefers to watch a film/video for aesthetics and not for plot lines or character development, so videos like that really make me happy, I am a HUGE sucker for art films!! Check it out bellow and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To Orion, keep it up



151023 – Bloglovin

So  ever since I got this domain I was having a hard re-claiming the blog on bloglovin’. It was easy on blogspot when I first started it, but FINALLY, truthfully I don’t know why it took me so long to do this, I just contacted them and voila! Done.

So little lovelies, follow follow follow if you may. How was your week? surprisingly enough mine wasn’t as stress filled apart from Raf Simons dropping the biggest bomb on me since Alexander Wang did after Balenciaga (queue the endless tears). I’ll leave you with IU’s awesome new album ‘Chat-shire’, enjoy.



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151020 – Gen Z

I recently read a report on Generation Z, my 1995 born self desperately wants to be considered a Millenial/GenY, because to me they’re the cool kids, but to be honest a large part of myself rests on Genz. The report pointed out some amazing facts about us that got me evaluating myself and the accuracy of this.


When I read that quote I felt like it hit it right on. We have become a generation where finding stability has become the number 1 factor, we are more open and accepting compared to past generations (although there is still a long way to go). This generation has found means to communicate and voice out their opinions and reach masses of likeminded people through social media and the internet in general. Technology is a great part of our lives, and even though I don’t always think it’s a good thing, it is an incredible medium that I should admit is super hard to stay away from.

I am constantly stressing about the future. Heck I’m still living at home with parents, and I’m thinking on how am I supposed to get a mortgage on a house when I don’t even have a credit history. This stress is not because I don’t know what I want to do, I know exactly what I want to do, I just don’t know if i’ll be stable enough. Will it get the bills payed? Will it put food on the table and most importantly will it pay for my extensive designer handbag collection! Yes I plan on having an extensive designer handbag collection. It’s in my bucket list. But even so, I never find myself interested on how much a job is willing to pay, as long as I can grow and develop with the company. I don’t even think I’ve ever asked a company about the salary during a job interview. As the report points out that it is a common aspect in GenZ.


Of course being at a high position sounds appealing, but what’s the fun in being stuck with a job that you’re slaving away hating life, when you can be doing something you enjoy and know that you’ll eventually grow into the position you’ve always wanted to be in doing what you like. I notice that when I am working on something that I genuinely enjoy it doesn’t feel like work, and that my friends is true happiness.

The report showed that our brains have evolved to absorb more information in less time, because we’re constantly occupying ourselves with various tasks, handling various tasks at once (eg. phone, TV, laptop, desktop, tablet and in my case eating. Because I’m constantly eating). Which is why most people think we have the attention span of a goldfish. It drives me insane if the page doesn’t load in less then 2 seconds. I hate waiting for anything, because we’re so spoiled and lucky to have information at our fingertips in seconds. This is the reason as to why we feel like kids are growing up and maturing at a faster pace, but it also means that we get people at such a young age obsessing with outer appearance. Social media influencers also play a big part in this, and it’s a bit sad to be honest. It’s good to appreciate other people as humans, but it’s good to accept yourself and your flaws. On a brighter note, it’s good to see my generation show more appreciation for homemade or healthier food alternatives instead of fast foods. I admit to being a carb-a-holic but that is my only weakness, bread, rice and pasta are godsend, oh bless you wheat! I transcend. But I do proud myself in not having a weakness for chocolate and snacks in general. Now I just need to take up a sport, or join a gym to finally be at pace with my generation. I also like to acknowledge that we have become far more vocal about our views on our surroundings wether its politically, culturally or environmentally. Self awareness is good, but it’s not effective if your surroundings are falling apart.

Anyway, reading the report was very eye-opening and interesting to see the consumer behaviour of my peers, and as always WGSN is always spot on. I’ll link the report hope it’s not tricky to accessing wgsn (thank goodness my student perks).