171226 – Holiday Blues

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The past few months have been a complete blur. I’ve started a new job and it’s taking a while to fully adjust to the new routine. I feel so exhausted and unmotivated at all times. I’ve lined up a couple of projects, some more concepts like the B&E I last posted, I’ve worked on some CAD designs but it’s like the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” there are all these things I can do, but not well enough to acquire merit. I always feel like the work I produce is okay and as my own worse critic okay is never good enough so I keep pushing it all back and saying that I’ll work on it tomorrow but tomorrow I either have this and that to do, or I just feel completely drained that in the blink of an eye my day is gone.

In this festive season, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time and haven’t been hit with the holiday blues like myself.



Kim Jonghyun, thank you for all you’ve done during your time on earth. We’re all proud of you. You’ve worked hard, now rest in peace.


170915 – Imagining a B&E London Flagship

fashion, interior, kfashion 2017-09-15
Since time is not of the essence these past few days, I’ve been just keeping myself busy so I don’t rust up the old nugget in my head and did a little project for Blanc & Eclare. I absolutely love its aesthetics and what they stand for “modern classic” and less is more attitude towards fashion incorporated by the creative director Jessica Jung, I tried to stick to the minimalist clean-cut image that the brand has, but add my own take to it (a bit of millenial pink never killed anybody). I feel like I’m always talking about this brand on my blog, I really just have a love for it!
The project was to come up with a store and branding concept for a flagship store in London. I took inspiration from current trend factors and other brands such Mansur Gavriel, Glossier and Lucy Folk.
I’ve shared the entire project on my Behance, which I’m slowly working towards posting my things into there. Issu’s been so easy cause most of my stuff is in PDF so I can just post it straight there & my HD files are spread around various hard drives and somehow always have something more important or entertaining to do than sort through them.
But yeah check out the project HERE & please ‘appreciate it’ if you like it!

170621 – End of the Road

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Last week I finally received my final grade for my degree. Happy to announce that I am being awarded a First class certificate. I couldn’t be happier, considering the pressure I put on myself with this project. In all honesty, in my eyes, it’s not perfect. There’s always parts that I wish I had done differently and areas where I truly feel that I could have done waaay better. However, there is no use in pondering over such matters, I can say that I am happy with the turnout. For the past 3 years, my course was challenging and completely different from college, but I enjoyed the independence of it all. It was trying and there were many sleepless, tear-filled nights (I have my mum as witness of my breakdowns), but I wouldn’t change it.

I got to meet very wonderful and talented people, I was seriously blessed to have had an insanely talented group to work with in 1st to 2nd year, not that it wasn’t difficult at times and we changed a lot over the short time together. But working on this project, completely on my own, I sought help from people whom I never thought would even give it the time of day. Seriously shout out to the people from the Global Wellness Institute, Well to do London, Women’s Health and so many other people whom I bombarded with questions over social media. I never thought that I’d get replies back, but people really like to help.

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170615 – Summer Pieces To Love

fashion 2017-06-15

I just put together a petit list of items that have been trending recently and I am loving it, mostly because it reminds me a lot of the French Riviera. If it’s gonna remind me of And God Created Woman or Roman Holiday (though not in France) I’m down. In light of the sunny summer finally embracing us even amidst all the awful things that have been happening in London recently, the sun still shines and spirits haven’t wavered.



170505 – I’m great with titles

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I was going to post yesterday, giving me an excuse of saying ‘may the fourth be with you’ but I’ve actually only seen 1 Star Wars film and I don’t really get it, so I’m not gonna bandwagon. Also, it was the 4th which I specifically planned out as the date where I’d post the monthly wishlist but there really isn’t much to add to my previous April list.
I realised that now that I am taking a slow fashion approach to buying clothes, I’ve been spending a lot of my time researching skincare products, and trust me the list is long.
A little life update: yours truly has completed her degree, now I’m anxiously waiting on the grades that I got, I really pushed for a 90% because I wouldn’t be my worse enemy if I didn’t put so much pressure on myself, but I’ll be happy with anything as long as it’s a first (1.1). This also means that the hunt for a job is now in full swing. I did take the first 5 days off to catch up on most of the things I wanted to watch, like Girl Boss, House of Cards, Dear White People, all on Netflix and Versailles season 2 has just started which I am living for it (for those interested, it’s on BBC iplayer), it feels nice to not have to worry about deadlines. But also very frustrating because there is absolutely nothing to do!

Well I have a song recommendation for you guys, I’ve been listening to it non-stop (that and the Gorillaz’ new album)

Jam Jam by IU





170420 – A New Balance

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Some work from second year that I wanted to share.

Many sleepless nights happened because of this project. It’s one of those where I desperately want to forget about, but also have a big love for because I’m kinda proud of what we (my group and I) accomplished after disaster after disaster, think slow corrupt hard drives and tears.

Now that final year is almost done (D-7) I’m getting a bit giddy for it to hurry up and end already. It’s been 3 years of this, and I am just ready to move forward. Although it’s scary, yes and also very uncertain, knowing that I’ve done it has been good enough to fuel the desire to see what’s next.