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170215 – 00:00 I Don’t Want to Love You

music, playlist, video 2017-02-15

I’ve literally been sharing this on all my social media because truly I am obsessed. This collaboration between June One Kim, Krystal and Beasts and Natives Alike is the 100 emoji. It’s upsetting that it’s only one song, but the thriller-like music video and creative direction for the entire artwork pretty much make up for […]

151117 – Orion

Uncategorised, video 2015-11-17

Hey guys! So in the midst of my procrastination I came about this youtuber, her haul video showed up on my suggested videos, and she had this beautiful wood desk on her background that I just had to go look at it for a whole entire 3 minutes. Yes I did just click on the […]