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150423 – Summer Shade

fashion, Uncategorised 2015-04-23

I would call myself a sunglass enthusiast, actually make that addict. I can’t not buy a pair of sunglasses even when it’s definitely not needed, and believe me it never is. But since summer is slowly coming up and the sun is out, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite […]

150307 – Recent Endeavours

Uncategorised 2015-03-07

So I’ve been scarily busy lately. Ever since the New Year I’ve been a busy bee. So first I have the chance to intern during London’s Collection Men and London Fashion Week and it was by far the most amazing time I’ve had in a long time, well at least career wise. I’ve also been […]

141213 – Ru Buys

Uncategorised 2014-12-13

It’s December, you’d be lying if you told me you haven’t been shopping. Depending of wherever you are, maybe there was a Black Friday sale happening where you live, or you’re just stressing over what to get for a relative you barely know that’s coming for Christmas this year (hey I am). But I was a little selfish, […]

141129 – Game Face On

fashion, Uncategorised 2014-11-29

I once came across a comment online stating that Londoners are mean and ruthless people. I found myself completely disagreeing with this statement, because from my 9 years of living in this city, I’ve only encountered lovely and welcoming people. But what I didn’t do was truly look at the bigger picture. People here aren’t […]

141119 – Inspirations 1

Uncategorised 2014-11-19

Ok so I am probably crazed by the idea of starting on my own two feet. Well considering getting hired is probably the hardest task to achieve at this time and age, and at the experience that I have. So I’ve been watching and reading a lot of interviews/memoirs or business entrepreneurs and people that […]

141117 – Currently Craving

fashion, Uncategorised 2014-11-17

Getting out of bed today was a chore, and the november showers are just precious aren’t they! So I promised myself I’d sleep a bit earlier today, but I also didn’t want to not post something, considering the fact that this weekend I completely slaked off. Hey, I worked months on that report I deserved […]

141110 – Oh Well…

fashion, Uncategorised 2014-11-11

If you ask me, at the begining of the day I would say todays post was meant to be about a lovely event I was meant to attend called Bloggers Love hub, but those plans quickly went down hill as per usual. I guess I have getting my degree above all things, so networking was […]