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171226 – Holiday Blues

Uncategorised 2017-12-26

The past few months have been a complete blur. I’ve started a new job and it’s taking a while to fully adjust to the new routine. I feel so exhausted and unmotivated at all times. I’ve lined up a couple of projects, some more concepts like the B&E I last posted, I’ve worked on some […]

170420 – A New Balance

Uncategorised 2017-04-20

Some work from second year that I wanted to share. Many sleepless nights happened because of this project. It’s one of those where I desperately want to forget about, but also have a big love for because I’m kinda proud of what we (my group and I) accomplished after disaster after disaster, think slow¬†corrupt hard […]

170204 – Rush

Uncategorised 2017-02-04

So I scheduled this but it didn’t publish on the right day. It actually turned it into a page…um, WordPress…. Anyway. These mood boards are from another second-year project however, this was a group project. We actually worked on a video for this project. It was part 1 of the previous post that I shared […]

160204 – Hey stranger

Lifestyle, music, Personal - null, Uncategorised 2016-02-04

Hey there stranger! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this page. Well here we go… University is kicking my butt. Whoever said university was easy clearly wasn’t in the right course. I’m running on 6 hours sleep in the span of 4 days, I’m convinced¬†that the pounding feeling on my head is here […]

151117 – Orion

Uncategorised, video 2015-11-17

Hey guys! So in the midst of my procrastination I came about this youtuber, her haul video showed up on my suggested videos, and she had this beautiful wood desk on her background that I just had to go look at it for a whole entire 3 minutes. Yes I did just click on the […]

150502 – Saturday Wonderland

fashion, Uncategorised 2015-05-03

Realising that it’s the last day for the Hermes Wonderland exhibition, I got out of bed earlier than I planned on this Saturday and hopped on the dreaded trip through the Circle line (I salute you central habitants, because the underground in central London is an absolute nightmare to navigate). Stepping into the world of […]