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170505 – I’m great with titles

music, Personal - null 2017-05-05

I was going to post yesterday, giving me an excuse of saying ‘may the fourth be with you’ but I’ve actually only seen 1 Star Wars film and I don’t really get it, so I’m not gonna bandwagon. Also, it was the 4th which I specifically planned out as the date where I’d post the […]

170215 – 00:00 I Don’t Want to Love You

music, playlist, video 2017-02-15

I’ve literally been sharing this on all my social media because truly I am obsessed. This collaboration between June One Kim, Krystal and Beasts and Natives Alike is the 100 emoji. It’s upsetting that it’s only one song, but the thriller-like music video and creative direction for the entire artwork pretty much make up for […]

161104 – Bastille Day

Lifestyle, music 2016-11-04

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down to make a blog post. I apologise for that I’ve been distracted, but also the lack of inspiration for content has kept me away from my online duties. But I’ve got something interesting for you guys lol. So earlier this year I hear from someone on […]

160204 – Hey stranger

Lifestyle, music, Personal - null, Uncategorised 2016-02-04

Hey there stranger! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this page. Well here we go… University is kicking my butt. Whoever said university was easy clearly wasn’t in the right course. I’m running on 6 hours sleep in the span of 4 days, I’m convinced that the pounding feeling on my head is here […]

150927 – Souncloud Sunday

kmusic, music, playlist 2015-09-27

I don’t even know if I’ve posted a soundcloud playlist on this blog before, I’m sure I have but don’t know. So here’s one, I’ve been listening a lot to these songs lately. They’ve helped me keep my head out of everything. It’s a pretty chill playlist, so sit back and enjoy. x Ruth All images […]