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150927 – Souncloud Sunday

kmusic, music, playlist 2015-09-27

I don’t even know if I’ve posted a soundcloud playlist on this blog before, I’m sure I have but don’t know. So here’s one, I’ve been listening a lot to these songs lately. They’ve helped me keep my head out of everything. It’s a pretty chill playlist, so sit back and enjoy. x Ruth All images […]

150911 – Dumb Dumb for Red Velvet

kmusic, music, playlist 2015-09-11

“Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb” none stop in my head all day long! Everyone the power of SM. Red Velvet did not fail to impress once again with their first full album ‘ The Red’ (OMG finally) the music video is eclectically fascinating, other songs that leave my feet tapping in the album is […]

141029 – It’s a Sticky Situation

kmusic, music, playlist, Uncategorised 2014-10-29

So recently I’ve been so stressed, that unfortunately ruederu has really moved to the very bottom of my priorities. I’m super terrified over something that I’m scared if I say it out loud it’ll become too real. Trying to sleep while continuously waking up to check your phone for updates is not fun. The guy […]