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151001 – Ru’s Loves from #LFW

fashion 2015-10-01

To be quit honest, this year’s London Fashion Week was just not grabbing me. Maybe it’s my currently hectic schedule that I haven’t adjusted well into, or it’s because there’s just something missing. But not much caught my eye. I could also blame that for my procrastination on putting this blog post up. But I […]

150920 – Ru’s loves from #NYFW

fashion 2015-09-20

So its September, only the most important month for womenswear fashion, and to be honest I am not keeping up with all the amazing things that are happening because life isn’t always perfect. I know this is a bit late, but I seem to only have time to write and re-cap on New York fashion […]

150616 – Summer Looks

fashion 2015-06-16

I’ve pulled out a couple of summer looks that I’ve been working during the hot times and have been drooling over. I do tend to stick to my own bubble when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t alter much in terms of clothes during the seasons, and I feel like it’s a good thing. It […]