170915 – Imagining a B&E London Flagship

fashion, interior, kfashion 2017-09-15
Since time is not of the essence these past few days, I’ve been just keeping myself busy so I don’t rust up the old nugget in my head and did a little project for Blanc & Eclare. I absolutely love its aesthetics and what they stand for “modern classic” and less is more attitude towards fashion incorporated by the creative director Jessica Jung, I tried to stick to the minimalist clean-cut image that the brand has, but add my own take to it (a bit of millenial pink never killed anybody). I feel like I’m always talking about this brand on my blog, I really just have a love for it!
The project was to come up with a store and branding concept for a flagship store in London. I took inspiration from current trend factors and other brands such Mansur Gavriel, Glossier and Lucy Folk.
I’ve shared the entire project on my Behance, which I’m slowly working towards posting my things into there. Issu’s been so easy cause most of my stuff is in PDF so I can just post it straight there & my HD files are spread around various hard drives and somehow always have something more important or entertaining to do than sort through them.
But yeah check out the project HERE & please ‘appreciate it’ if you like it!

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