170621 – End of the Road

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Last week I finally received my final grade for my degree. Happy to announce that I am being awarded a First class certificate. I couldn’t be happier, considering the pressure I put on myself with this project. In all honesty, in my eyes, it’s not perfect. There’s always parts that I wish I had done differently and areas where I truly feel that I could have done waaay better. However, there is no use in pondering over such matters, I can say that I am happy with the turnout. For the past 3 years, my course was challenging and completely different from college, but I enjoyed the independence of it all. It was trying and there were many sleepless, tear-filled nights (I have my mum as witness of my breakdowns), but I wouldn’t change it.

I got to meet very wonderful and talented people, I was seriously blessed to have had an insanely talented group to work with in 1st to 2nd year, not that it wasn’t difficult at times and we changed a lot over the short time together. But working on this project, completely on my own, I sought help from people whom I never thought would even give it the time of day. Seriously shout out to the people from the Global Wellness Institute, Well to do London, Women’s Health and so many other people whom I bombarded with questions over social media. I never thought that I’d get replies back, but people really like to help.

2017 FMM Graduate Fashion Week

The project really focused on how wellness (mostly looking at mind) in fashion, so it didn’t involve athleisure or any sporting activity of some kind, which we’ve seen a lot. I came about this because I felt that there were many ways in which wellness can be incorporated by the fashion industry, but because it hasn’t been done before I wanted to discover ways in which it could be approached, such as clothing that can alter your mood, providing mental guidance to fashion workers, especially as they tend to be overworked and under compensated and this can apply to people in the production, distribution, and business as a whole. That was what the main core of my research was for. However, as I also wanted to be able to incorporate my career plan into this project, I created a service rather than a wellness collection like. This because I was (and still am) very interested in consumer insights or trend forecasting and would love to be able to do it in the future professionally, so I wanted this project to focus more on it being a B2B (business to business) insights provider and not a B2C (business to consumer). It all consisted of a marketing report, a branding pack and a website which was just a prototype

The Vault Website

I also challenged myself to create a miniature project within my project. So This campaign was set as an example of the work The Vault would produce for its clients, I chose & Other Stories because I am a huge fan of the brand, my research pointed that the wellness or mindful consumer would shop at their stores and lastly because their under the H&M group who are very open about their sustainability plan going hand in hand with wellness.

Since we’re the in the middle of thanking people. I’d like to thank my awesome friends who kept me sane always checking in on me making sure I was eating and still breathing lol. Helping me bring my website design to life and for letting me invade their personal habitat with a camera even though they’re camera shy, yet they’re naturals, oh and my precious family here in London and back home, it’s been a long stressful time, but we’re finally done!!!



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