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Beauty, fashion, Lifestyle 2017-04-04

Happy April! I haven’t made one of these in ages. I love making wishlists, not because I’m expecting anyone to get these for me, but they’re a good reminder of things that I want to treat myself to eventually. Also, it’s great when your birthday comes around and people are like ‘what would you like’ and you don’t have to be there like uh…ummm. But to be honest that question comes by sporadically now that the good old twenties have rolled in.

I hope you understand that this post is coming in at a moment where really I should be working on a marketing report. They do say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks 💁🏾



  1. Slip Silk Pillowcase – Silk is like your best friend, I would get an entire bedding set if possible. Investing in a set of pillowcases not only would it satisfy my hair, but lazy Ruth would be super happy too because tying your hair up to wake up with the satin scarf on the other side of the bed is not a fun experience.
  2. SU:M Rose Cleansing Stick – Everyone and their mother is raving about this, well everyone who I care about. It’s soap in a tube that you rub all over your face. If you used to do that with your mum’s lipstick as I kid you can definitely understand why I’m dying to get my hands on this. Oh yeah, and it’s a miracle cleanser but who cares about that.
  3. Acne Studios Boy – I’ve discovered the power of investment pieces, and next on my hit list is this. I love Acne denim and I love going in store to try them on because their sales assistants are so cool and everything I hope to be in life but I digress. Ideally, I’d get the distressed one but the chances of finding it are nanoscopic.
  4. Acne Studios Jensen – I think these were in my last wishlist, but until I get them I won’t shut up about it. I have refused to look at any other Chelsea boot because of the Jensen. There’s only room for one in my heart.
  5. Ikea Brimnes Bedframe – I am long overdue a bed change. I’ve had my current one for 9 years give or take, that’s about 50 years in Ikea age let’s be real. If you sit in a certain way on it the slabs fall down. I’m not kidding, it’s a long running joke amongst my friends and family.
  6. Gentle Monster US101 M01 – Love love love Gentle Monster, and I really want to visit one of their stores, because they have amazing VM. The glasses are sick and they are in collaboration with Aimee Song.
  7. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Mist – This brand is one of those that I’ve been following on Instagram for a while now but haven’t actually gotten anything from because their stockists here in the UK are so few and this mist is ALWAYS out of stock
  8. Moon Juice Dust – I’ve been doing this project on wellness and Moon Juice has popped up in almost everything I’ve been researching about. I am SO curious to know what these powders taste like but really it’s for experimental purposes because I would not be dropping £50 for an entire pot of one of these

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