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Uncategorised 2017-02-04

So I scheduled this but it didn’t publish on the right day. It actually turned it into a page…um, WordPress…. Anyway.

These mood boards are from another second-year project however, this was a group project. We actually worked on a video for this project. It was part 1 of the previous post that I shared yesterday. It’s looking at a trend forecast for A/W 16/17 for men and our main inspiration was the Windrush era of immigration of the 1950’s and 60’s, where a lot of African and Carribean arrived in the UK and created a large influence in fashion and music, introducing the ‘rude boy’ look, which we saw it rising again around the ends of 2015 and 2016. The order of the boards are looking at the past and present aspects of this trend and how the classic suit can be modernised to fit all kinds of styles and occasions. And we predicted that in the future it’ll evolve to incorporate more aspects of the traditional African or Carribean culture into it and create a hybrid of the past and future.



This is a part of a group work, so of course  it wouldn’t have been complete without the awesome people I worked with, Khalilah Scott, Rusheika Jessica Reid, Ruhena Begun and Zandile Hlomayi


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