161104 – Bastille Day

Lifestyle, music 2016-11-04
It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down to make a blog post. I apologise for that I’ve been distracted, but also the lack of inspiration for content has kept me away from my online duties.
But I’ve got something interesting for you guys lol. So earlier this year I hear from someone on twitter that Bastille was having a tour and next thing I knew I was booking tickets for it, not even thinking about who would be there with me. Fast forward to the day before yesterday and there I was in the middle of the O2 arena all by myself waiting to go through the experience of a lifetime. I love Bastille and after a while of contemplating I realised that whatever I don’t care if I’m going to a concert on my own, I’m just gonna get batshit drunk and enjoy the music.
When did it stop being okay to have me time in public places like sold out arenas right?
It was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I bonded with quite a few people who’s names I don’t recall anymore (sorry), discovered a new incredible singer Leah Dou, who was their first opening act, and got so close to Dan that I could literally smell him! And they just kept thanking the crowd for coming and saying how incredible it was to be playing arenas and touring the world, it was so cute.
I’m not a huge fan of concerts  because 1) claustrophobic 2) huge crowds 3) can’t take in water and they have the audacity to charge over £1 for it and not take card, tsk. But I make exceptions for some bands and end up never regretting it. Bastille are just one of those feel-good bands for me, I can listen to their songs on loop all day and still get excited, so having that experience of seeing them live in a sea of people that were going through the same feelings was fascinatingly breathtaking. Ugh take me back!

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