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Lifestyle, Personal - null 2016-06-06

I felt compelled to make a new post as I have been slacking on my online activities. So here’s a compilation of photos I had saved but never actually used them. Life has consisted of waking up at 6 am going to work, getting home at 7 to 8-ish eating a bowl of cereal and sleeping. It’s not like I’ve ever had much of an eventful lifestyle anyway, but it has really just fallen into an extremely ordinary grey routine. Although I’m probably working in one of the most inspiring places in London and surrounded by funny and vibrant people constantly my energy levels have just deflated and I just want to listen to acoustic songs in the dark until I fall asleep. Mood swings am I right, what can you do, hopefully this slump will end soon (I say as if someone/thing  other then myself has control over it) and i’ll stop ignoring my duties.




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