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fashion, Lifestyle 2016-04-24

Hi guys! It’s been a while. I do apologise for the lack of content. There’s so much going on, like I’m almost done with the second year! Time goes by so fast it’s absolutely insane. I still remember writing about how first year was almost done, and now here I am again. Although it’s been a year it feels like days. It’s all still a big blur concidering how stressful and chaotic this academic year was. I’ve been interning for a PR agency as part of my coricullum and I’ve learnt so much. Since I was 16 that I made up my mind that I wanted to go into PR and this was an amazing opportunity to see if it was really what I wanted, because interning at fashion week and interning full time are completely different, and I’m not going to lie there it has really been eye opening and got me questioning if that’s really want I want to do, which was something that was a bit scary because if you’ve had this plan already played out in your head and suddenly you hate it, I’m not saying that I hated, but I’m having second thoughts. But the good thing is I also got a lot of new skills that I think I can apply for other positions. Oh the joys of interning!

Back to what’s important, I’ve made another weekend wishlist! Haven’t done one in a while. These are just a couple of items I’ve been loving recently, they range from all different prices. You can shop them over my ‘Best of the UK’ collection at usetote.com which I’ve actually been an editor for a while, it’s an amazing app that lets you shop bloggers looks and save items to your own personal tote and it’ll notify you when something you’ve saved goes on sale! Make sure you check out the app for your phone



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