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Uncategorised, video 2015-11-17

Hey guys! So in the midst of my procrastination I came about this youtuber, her haul video showed up on my suggested videos, and she had this beautiful wood desk on her background that I just had to go look at it for a whole entire 3 minutes. Yes I did just click on the video so I could see the desk. But as you do, I went on to see what other fun stuff she had to offer on her channel, and came across this one video, which was so cute. So from what I gather she made this (or wrote this i’m not sure, I haven’t read the book) based of Michael Faudet’s ‘Dirty Pretty Thing’ which is a collection of poems, and turned it into an aesthetically beautiful cinematography piece. I am usually the type of person that prefers to watch a film/video for aesthetics and not for plot lines or character development, so videos like that really make me happy, I am a HUGE sucker for art films!! Check it out bellow and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To Orion, keep it up



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