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fashion 2015-10-01

To be quit honest, this year’s London Fashion Week was just not grabbing me. Maybe it’s my currently hectic schedule that I haven’t adjusted well into, or it’s because there’s just something missing. But not much caught my eye. I could also blame that for my procrastination on putting this blog post up. But I picked a few shows who’s collections did bring up a little spark in me, so let’s get on to it.







I loved the whole new romantic, frills, high necks, maxi skirts and dresses. It’s all about the details and it’s beautiful. It reminds me almost of an Alberta Ferretti kind of show. Her being one of my favourite designers you could see as to why I loved this collection. To be honest if there’s a designer from LFW that I trust and feel like can do very little wrong, it would be Erdem, and for a 10 year anniversary collection this hits the spot.

Peter Jensen

Peter+Jensen Peter_Jensen_jns_ss16_057 Peter+Jensen+(3) Peter+Jensen+(2) Peter_Jensen_jns_ss16_062

This presentation was awesome, I wish I could’ve seen it in person. The styling speaks to me on other levels. There’s nothing I love more then layering anything over a white collar, oxford shoes and quirky socks. I also appreciated the use of colour, although my favourite outfits really were mainly navy, the use of yellows and greens really brought out a fun pop-ish feel.

Burberry London

Burberry+London+(1) Burberry+London+(3) Burberry_London_blr_ss16_646 Burberry+London+(2) Burberry+London Burberry_London_blr_ss16_729

I usually only watch the burberry shows mainly for the the atmosphere and just whole hype about the show. Let’s be honest everyone looks forward the live stream to see the front row, to hear the live music, which every year is impecable. But my goodness did Burberry London amaze me with the collection. When I watched it I was just like “FINALLY someone is giving me the London I’ve been looking for in London Fashion Week!”. Throughout the whole week I was waiting for the soft grunge, effortlessly edgy looks and some where overdoing it and others we’re just simply not there. It was all so lovely to look at and I also loved the make-up on the models. Well done Christopher Bailey


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