150926 – Seohyun in October Singles

fashion, kfashion, kmusic 2015-09-25

So one of my all time favourite singers was featured in the upcoming issue of Singles magazine! I love Seohyun of Girls’ Generation because of her quirky personality and bluntness, oh and her incredible voice.

She’s someone I can completely relate to, and I really look up to, especially when it comes to determination in reaching goals and trying to step out of my comfort zone. Showcasing her newly dyed (previously orange followed by blonde) and cut hair, she exudes effortless confidence in oversized sweaters, coats and tailored suits. One thing I love Singles, is that whenever they feature Seohyun they come up with refreshing concepts for her unlike the image that has been created for her within her group (Girls’ Generation). I can’t wait to see what other plans she has in store for us for the future. I know that playing Glinda in the Korean rendition of ‘Wicked’ is one of her main goals, so fingers crossed.

p.s I promise the LFW post is coming soon



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