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fashion 2015-09-20

So its September, only the most important month for womenswear fashion, and to be honest I am not keeping up with all the amazing things that are happening because life isn’t always perfect. I know this is a bit late, but I seem to only have time to write and re-cap on New York fashion week right now. Meaning only God knows when the re-cap for the others will come (but they will because I have to do this to maintain my sanity).


Ricardo Tisci can do no wrong in my eyes! Yes I am as biased as it will get towards certain designers and there just won’t be any argument there. However let me just say that bringing the show from Paris to NYC wasn’t my favourite move of his behalf, but I guess he had his reasons, so don’t question his mind!

The show was jaw droppingly insane! I actually set an alarm for it, but it turned out the times on the schedule were already in sync with my timezone, and silly me set an alarm for EST, so I missed the stream, boohoo. But let’s forget my misfortunes and focus on the fact that EVERYTHING was dreamy! Silk suits, lace skirts, slips and the GOWNS!!! I’m drooling just thinking about it. I love how it was sexy but the effortless type, where you’re like just got out of bed effortless but in reality it took you two hours to put that together? Yeah that. It was like the Parisian woman took over New York but was kind enough to keep a small part of it’s identity. And freaking Joan Smalls! Gosh what a show!

Alexander Wang

So I guess you figured I was in bed 2am clutching my phone snapchatting the most impeccable moments of this. It was AW10!!! Can you believe how far he has gone in 10 years at such a young age! I love this guy!!

This show had me in tears (literally) yes I am a bit of a Wang fanatic, but don’t judge! I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is that I want it all and more. I will start taking donations for my summer purchases now thank you! But to be honest with me an Alexander Wang show also has a lot to do with the excitement and the experience (I say as if I was there). The pre-show playlist left me fighting the urge to get up and dance in the middle of the night. Other then his clothes you can sure trust his taste in music. But back to the clothes. The chains! Omg imagine being hit by one of those bags, or kicked by one of those shoes! I don’t know what situations I picture myself in that these would happen but lets hope it doesn’t. All I know is those jackets (see above) I would get in a fight for.

Carolina Herrera

There is no such thing as too much pink, I am a firm believer in the pink power although my closet begs to differ. If there’s someone who knows how to dress women it’s Carolina Herrera! The abundance of pinks, whites and long skirts gives me butterflies. I don’t like to put labels on my style so it may come as a surprise that such a collection even caught my eye as I haven’t actually showcased much through this blog, but if I could I would dress like this every day and that is what I love about Herrera’s collection. It has items that I can see myself in, and those round sunglasses are just the icing on the cake!

I would say it’s nothing that we wouldn’t expect from her aesthetically (minus the prints), but the fact that she is slowly embracing new techniques in fabric choices it shows that she is attempting new things. But then again, if I am going to buy Carolina Herrera I know what I am looking into, and I would have to have an appeal for the style she caters to, and also it’s nice to have a little bit of tradition in the ever fast changing trend world.

Other notable shows


I have an undying love for this collection, because with every piece that was shown, it felt like they brought a fragment of my imagination to live. I just wanna surround myself in those gowns and twirl until I see stars. I loved the detailing to each dress. Everything had a unique aspect to it. Usually I am not one for puffy dresses, but how can you not appreciate the lace work that was put into those dresses! It’s honestly making me rethink me ideal wedding dress.

Naeem Khan

Usually when you tell me flowers for spring summer my instant reaction is to roll my eyes, but guys, guys…guys!! I lowkey want summer back now. And then I want to travel to the most exotic part of the world where I can somehow transform into a queen or an old hollywood actress for a day just to wear these dresses! The only reaction I can put to this is a keyboard smash, but I won’t do that because this isn’t twitter.

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