150616 – Summer Looks

fashion 2015-06-16

I’ve pulled out a couple of summer looks that I’ve been working during the hot times and have been drooling over. I do tend to stick to my own bubble when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t alter much in terms of clothes during the seasons, and I feel like it’s a good thing. It keeps my wallet happy to be honest. These looks are a reflection of what I would usually wear during the colder months, but with a summer twist.  Enjoy the weather guys!



I’m for sure not about to pack my fine knits away just because nature decided to bump up the degrees. Just kidding, do put some away, theres no need to keep the chunky black wool pullover just because it’s cosy, but lets compromise for the light ones, it may get a little breeze now and then.

A-line skirts are just the funnest! I love wearing year round even though I’m not the biggest fan of pairing them with tights during the winter, it still doesn’t stop me though. This look does scream school uniform and it deeply reminds me of the summer PE uniform from middle school (good old netball playing me). It’s still one of my favourites get out of bed and pull on kind of style.

This outfit is more like a staple for me. I’m the t-shirt and jeans everyday kind of girl, and I’m not gonna lie, it NEVER gets old, I don’t care how repetitive it is. I feel like accessories are the staple keys when it comes to this look. The cut of the jean may alter, the colour too, sometimes it’ll be a button up shirt rather than a t-shirt, but the items you pair it with would make the biggest difference. I’m not one to shy away from colour, so I would play with the accessories, like the Quay sunglasses, maybe a fun frame or lens (in this case both). It helps with the pop of colour and it take away the “boring” factor of the outfit (which isn’t boring at all). 

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