150502 – Saturday Wonderland

fashion, Uncategorised 2015-05-03

Realising that it’s the last day for the Hermes Wonderland exhibition, I got out of bed earlier than I planned on this Saturday and hopped on the dreaded trip through the Circle line (I salute you central habitants, because the underground in central London is an absolute nightmare to navigate). Stepping into the world of Hermes was beyond fascinating. Each room had a magical appeal of its own, the bright and bubbly-ness of the cane room, followed by the cheeky wardrobes taunting each other, and exploring the Cafe of Lost Objects! A Saturday extremely well spent. Of course I could not pass off the mini food market outside the Saatchi that day. Indulging in the most amazing dumplings and cheeses yummm



One of the funnest exhibitions I’ve had the pleasure to visit! Definitely try to catch it in other cities

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