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I would call myself a sunglass enthusiast, actually make that addict. I can’t not buy a pair of sunglasses even when it’s definitely not needed, and believe me it never is. But since summer is slowly coming up and the sun is out, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite online/offline places and brands to get sunnies.

  1. Sunglasshut – this has become my spot, it’s impossible to not go in there when I see one. It’s like the asos of sunglasses, and the staff there are always super friendly
  2. Monobarbie – I’m always on their website drooling about shoes that I can’t get because they get my size once every blue moon. But their accessories are always awesome. The choice of sunglasses they stock is not always massive, but keep going back to it and you’ll find little treasures.
  3. Stylenanda – Same goes for nanda, they don’t always have a huge variety of choices but when they do have something it’s usually a gem!
  4. Amazon – Because they have everything! And if you just can’t afford that designer pair, they’ll have a cute dupe for it!

Now for brands I absolutely cannot get enough of when it comes to sunglasses

  1. Prada – It’s a once every 2 years treat but so worth it!
  2. Miu Miu – Their glasses are great when you’re wanting to accessorise in a more quirky way. Definitely good for those statement pieces
  3. Rayban – The real OG (i could never say this out loud)
  4. Quay – Similar to Miu Miu but waaaaay more affordable! Can never go wrong

2 responses to “150423 – Summer Shade”

  1. julie says:

    Those sunglasses on the picture look amazing. I also heard and saw a lot of Miu Miu, they really have some gorgeous sunglasses (sadly enough I can’t find them in Belgium). x

    • ruth says:

      Have you tried online? I usually use to find stuff that’s not always in stores here

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