141129 – Game Face On

fashion, Uncategorised 2014-11-29

I once came across a comment online stating that Londoners are mean and ruthless people. I found myself completely disagreeing with this statement, because from my 9 years of living in this city, I’ve only encountered lovely and welcoming people. But what I didn’t do was truly look at the bigger picture. People here aren’t bitter, not at all, however I understand where that person who wrote the comment was coming from. Perhaps the reason why I first disagreed with her statement was because I myself am part of these mean ruthless people. You catch me trying to make my way anywhere in the vast machine that is the underground, and I have my game face on. Grunting, pushing, shoving and intensely glaring at anyone who abruptly stops or turns the other way. From that aspect you can definitely see why an outsider would gain this perception of Londoners. But to be honest that is probably the only time I’d agree with this comment. Because above the depths of the underground, it’s all good. Unless you make the mistake of going out to any shopping district during a massive sale time for example, Black Friday & Boxing Day. Speaking off, I hope you all had a safe and fun time shopping, I sure will as I plan to just splurge on Cyber Monday



wearing: Blazer c/o Redopin, Jeans c/o Pull&Bear, Shoes c/o Converse, Watch c/o Marc Jacobs, Necklace c/o Zara,  Coat c/o H&M, Top c/o Les Artist

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