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Uncategorised 2014-11-19

Ok so I am probably crazed by the idea of starting on my own two feet. Well considering getting hired is probably the hardest task to achieve at this time and age, and at the experience that I have. So I’ve been watching and reading a lot of interviews/memoirs or business entrepreneurs and people that have made something of themselves and oh my goodness am I just mesmerised. All their stories are so fascinating and inspiring, and I just want to get up and do something, BUT WHAT! Don’t worry, my crazy brain fuses are working and something will pop up (hopefully).

As I was saying inspiring people.

  1. Sophia Amoruso – Spend two hours watching her on youtube being interviewed about her start with NastyGal, and I was hooked on her. So now I have her book ‘#GIRLBOSS’ on my kindle and I’m willing to give up dinner to read this tonight. Her personality and risk taking personality really reminds me of who I’m not and who I want to be
  2. Kelly Cutrone – Same goes for this absolutely inspiring women. I remember watching her on The Hills and being completely afraid of her, but then realising that that fear made me want to meet her and just spend some time with her. I feel that I learn better through people that keep it real, say it as it is and really get to you with tough love. Again characteristics that I wish secretly think to myself that I have, but I actually don’t. Her books are a go instant go to when I’m facing awkward situations. Particularly ‘If You Have to Cry, Go Outside’
  3. Sohee Kim – Founder of Stylenanda, one of my FAVOURITE South Korean stores, I remember the first time I came across one of their photos of Park Sora (one of their models) and hunting it down until I found their website, way back in 2010-11 and my jaw dropped, never looked back. Starting from a market stall, to owning flagship stores in South Korea, China, Taiwan. It’s amazing, and the woman behind it is so adorable and sweet and has the cutest dogs ^^

Honestly knowing that regular women like them made it this far into their careers, doing something they love, really makes me jealous! Their drive, determination, confidence and success if super inspiring and I really hope to one day achieve half of what they’ve done. 

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