141104 – Planning Ahead

Uncategorised 2014-11-04

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m one to plan things years in advance. If you’ve actually read my ramblings here then you’ll know. It’s already november and Jack Frost has finally arrived, he sure took his time. But I’m glad he’s back, now I can start thinking about this years Christmas decoration colours. Too early? I don’t really care, it’s my favourite time of the year, wether I spend it in freezing England or boiling Angola the idea of distant family members eating turkey together and opening gifts makes me soooo happy!! Speaking on gifts, I got my wishlist all done or this year >_< I like to think that I was good therefore I deserve it right?

If you’re a family member reading this please save and get in contact with me for links to where to purchase the item haha



macbook air 11

macbook air 11″/handmade leather laptop case/gossip girl dvd box set/alexander wang gabi/’capital’ by thomas piketty

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