141029 – It’s a Sticky Situation

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So recently I’ve been so stressed, that unfortunately ruederu has really moved to the very bottom of my priorities. I’m super terrified over something that I’m scared if I say it out loud it’ll become too real. Trying to sleep while continuously waking up to check your phone for updates is not fun. The guy at DHL must think I’m crazy since I’m constantly calling them about this important document I need asap even though there’s an online tracking service right there, and I swear the self control right now is too real as I fight the urge to scream at the screen whenever I check and the parcel location and it hasn’t even been updated. I know I’m sounding very weird right now, but I promise if it all turns out well, you’ll know exactly as to why I’m being like this, and hopefully someone out there can relate. 

Other than that panicky situation, I’ve bee busy trying oh so hard to get a part time job. So much that I think I’ve become an expert in righting cover letters. Technically not really since I haven’t gotten a response so far T__T . I’m also about to embark on a joint venture with 3 awesome friends and I’m super excited about it, but I’m not sure if I can announce it just yet. But hey this whole running around might not even be worth it if I don’t get that document!!!! DHL I thought you were the fastest currier service, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!! I’ll stop before I start releasing my frustration onto my keyboard. I’ll leave you with my current favs music wise.



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