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Uncategorised 2014-10-19

I’ve recently been remodelling my room. Nothing major since I do rent therefore not much can be altered. I’ve always had Pinterest but never actually used it too much. But it’s really coming in handy. I finally understand the hype behind it! Yay for not being left behind on trends  woo~

So far it’s going good, but I did put it on hold due to uni work, and someone decided to sign for my package with shelfs from IKEA and took it with them, so I’m also in the middle of a fight between me and Parcel Force. But hopefully i’ll have it all back pretty soon and can share photos. 

I did make a board titles ‘Office Spaces‘ it pretty much just has images of amazing desks and offices that I wish I could go through the computer screen and spend hours in them. Like that movie with the guy form Phil of the Future (or maybe it was one of their episodes). Ideally it represents my dream work space, but I think I’m nearing it right? 

Anyway I’ll get back to working on my report. Have a good Sunday 



Links to original on my pinterest

Links to original on my pinterest

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