140909 – A Nostalgic Sorta Thing

Uncategorised 2014-09-08
When one is in need of extra cash, one finds a paying job. When one fails drastically a job interview, what does one do to cheer up? Retail therapy! Haha I know funny, I’m looking to make extra and end up spending more. Hey that’s just how I function. And after a very expensive splurge at American Apparel I was not going to let it to waste. This adorably pricy skirt just keeps me all happy. I just remember my uniform wearing days and how much I hated them, but then came to really appreciate them when I moved to college and could wear whatever. Trust me year 10 outfits are the ones I most want to erase from my mind. I remember once I gave up on life and went in wearing a white oversized Girls’ Generation hoodie and aqua blue Victoria’s Secret sweatpants. My goodness that was bad. Looking back I think I looked like a marshmallow. 
Obviously a skirt this short would have gotten me an email home complaining that my skirt was far too short, and it’s giving the school a bad image blah blah blah. I remember once, a couple of the girls in my year (including me) got in trouble for wearing thigh high socks instead of tights or just ankle socks, there was an entire assembly and everything! Ah good old middle school days

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