140908 – Here’s To The Best

Uncategorised 2014-09-08
So I’ve been very MIA on the blog recently. No excuses, I just have been very very lazy and without anything to share. 
My summer is ending pretty quickly, starting from today I have exactly 7 days of freedom, and then the hard work begins again. Now I’m not sure what to expect, I’ve never been to uni before (as for most my age) all I know is that I really want to make the best out of this course, and break out of my shell. One thing I’ve always been guilty off is never actually going out of my way to meet people, and socialise and actually make friends >_< most of the time I just wait for the other person to do so, well not anymore! At least I hope. 
Though I did feel like I pretty much wasted this summer, I felt like I needed these months of doing nothing, and not worrying about deadlines, and the only thing keeping me up at night was wether I passed my exams or not. I feel refreshed and ready to start anew. 
Being back in England has gotten me to miss Portugal a lot. Here it’s all the usual, but there, there was a lot happening, the wedding stress, the family pressure and curiosity and snarky comments from elders about my weight/choice in clothing actually kept me very happy, haha who would have thought. 
I am ready to discover a new me, and this jump into independence is something I remember always thinking about it. To think that when I was 10 years old I went up to my mum and told her “this is the university I want to go to, to study this” and next week it’ll actually be happening gives me chills. I never thought my determination was actually that strong (haha word play on T-ara). All I hope for is to be able to get good opportunities throughout my time at uni and making the best out of it. I always try to not be too optimistic and prepare myself for anything, because truthfully it’s impossible to completely map out your life, we never know what can happen. So raise your glasses (i have water) , here’s for the best! I hope you all had a reflective and relaxing summer. 

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