140813 – My Ear Candy

Uncategorised 2014-08-13
I couldn’t think of a better title for this post. If some of you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, please take the time to experience this song (I am already sick of this song…probably got sick of it 2 years ago). Anyway tangents tangents tangents that’s my expertise ^^ 
I was on Etsy looking at stuff (as you do) and came across this really cute jewellery store, and I couldn’t resist, so I placed my order and voila! I do love piercings. I’ve always been fascinated by them, and always wanted one. But as someone that has self diagnosed herself with algophobia I can assure you that is not happening anytime soon. However the lords of all things accessories has brought upon us a marvellous invention that is called ‘ear cuffs’. Those my friends are items I just cannot possibly resists and am very proud to own a small collection of eclectic pieces. And these beauts are going to fit right in with the rest. 
I’m in looooove with the leaf earrings. There are two of them, but I am currently mixing gold and silver and just rocking one. But they’re so delicate looking yet edgy. The gold flower ear cuff just reminds me of the ear cuff empress Victoria wore in the Red Light MV even though it’s nothing close to it (but a girl can dream). And the little fairy is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. These little jewls have brought a big smile to my face. What’s gotten you smiling recently?

earings: MAPSYstore @ Etsy

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