140610 – To my Boy

Uncategorised 2014-06-10
I’ve been really crazy with scissors lately. First it was my hair, and now I’m just going on a chopping rampage. My newest target this time is this Boy London sweater that I bought around Christmas time. I particularly like baggy sweaters, nothing makes me happy than being swallowed up by an oversized ball of soft fabric, and this sweater was no exception. But my washing skills feels otherwise, since it shrunk making it fit a bit loose, but the sleeves were really short for my extra long arms. It’s been sitting in my closet ever since, but today I happened to have my trusted pair of scissors in hands and this happened. Of course I had to add a little touch of Ruth, and cropped it in an A- symmetrical way. I tried to fully document it, but there’s really no speciality, I just went with my instincts and cut it. Like my hair! Notice that one side is longer than the other *hides in shame*
I simply eyeballed how much stomach I wanted to expose, and folded the hem, and cut the fabric slightly above the fold
For the sleeves, I measure 2 fingers from the seam and folded the sleeve so the tip would touch my middle finger, and cut the fabric slightly above the fold. 
Don’t forget to fold the sleeves, because I crazy seam is fine at the bottom of the top, but who wants crazy sleeves right!

For those who haven’t seen my new huurrr, well I shamelessly took a lot of selfies. But I’ll only post two, because I can’t possibly try to embarrass myself more than I do already on a daily bases.

wearing: boy sweater c/o Selfridges, Jeans c/o Topshop, Necklace c/o market, Rings c/o Topshop, Regal Rose, Watch c/o Casio, 

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