140526 – Spring Bank Holiday

Uncategorised 2014-05-26
It’s the last week of May and it’s Spring bank holiday! It doesn’t really matter since I have half term. A whole week to revise for my last few exams. I promised myself and my friend R that I would do some work, considering I gave myself friday afternoon and the weekend off from revision. But you know those days when your head is telling you work but your body has decided to merge itself with your bed? Yeah today is one of those days – sigh- I can feel my eyes begin to weigh down and begging me to take a legendary nap, why am I like this! 
I’d expect my colour pallet to begin to change now that the warmer days surround us, but it’s been raining a lot here and I think it’s kind of affecting me. I’m even considering getting silver hair. Ha what a disaster that would be right. But anyway, here’s what has been inspiring me today 

photos c/o tumblr

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