140523 – Almost There

Uncategorised 2014-05-23
Currently my hands smell and taste like metal! Gross, but that’s what cheap rings do to ya, just going to have to live with it. On that happy note, hi! It’s been a really long time.
Exams are driving me nuts and I hate the world right now. If I see one more ancient Greek sculpture/vase/temple or anything to do with English literature I will go on a rampage. The positive part is that my photography exam is over and I am DONE! I’ll put the photos up on the portfolio later, but as of now I am trying to work on a better way to present it. Making a website is not my favourite thing, or my exact expertise so that’ll probably take me a while, hopefully it’ll be done before the 3rd week of June. Right now the only thing keeping me motivated is knowing that the sun is shining and shorts have finally made a comeback in my wardrobe. Still not ready to get rid of my dark colours! I’m going to rock these until I can no longer take the heat.




wearing: grey sweater and blue flats c/o H&M, navy jacket c/o Redopin, black shorts c/o yesstyle.

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