Uncategorised 2014-05-06
This is quite an old outfit post, if you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen it. This was taken sometime in April, when I was going for an afternoon tea with my two best firends at the Sanderson hotel. That was the day mother nature decided to give us Summer for the day and Winter for the evening. To this day I can remember my legs freezing, to death and me not having cash on me to get a cab home, meaning that I had to take the night bus that comes every 10 minutes. That was an experience I really don’t want to face again. Next time I’m sticking to my old trusty jeans, but I looked cute haha!

The past few days has been an absolute stress, my exams are coming up and my desk has been like this for 2 weeks straight. It’s giving me anxiety, but I feel that if I dare touch any of it, I won’t be able to find it again, and right now, that mess is what’s keeping me and my dream university away from each other.


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