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Uncategorised 2014-05-05
So am I a bit obsessed with handbags? Yes, may or may I not need to try and fix this problem? I don’t know that really depends on who’s thinking it, but in my case no! Not even ashamed. I want this bag! I need this bag! Tell me someone else out there is in this with me!



So the minute I saw it I was dumbfounded by the perception that is this marvellous creation, I feel deeply ashamed that I have only found it now. But don’t judge me, I’ve been kind of off bags for a while K-pop fan sites have been my main focus. I think I’m waiting on like 4 photo books, mainly Kai. But that is not the case. I’m not too sure when this bag came out, but from the stalking I’ve been doing, I think it was around Summer last year. So of course being on the hunt for this one, I’m not ready to splurge a good £300 on it, especially if it’s an impulse buy, but I have managed to find an alternative. This little baby is definitely going on my to get list, and I’ll definitely post a review for you guys when the time comes.
/Disclaimer/ Images from Whos Bag

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