170505 – I’m great with titles

I was going to post yesterday, giving me an excuse of saying ‘may the fourth be with you’ but I’ve actually only seen 1 Star Wars film and I don’t really get it, so I’m not gonna bandwagon. Also, it was the 4th which I specifically planned out as the date where I’d post the monthly wishlist but there really isn’t much to add to my previous April list.
I realised that now that I am taking a slow fashion approach to buying clothes, I’ve been spending a lot of my time researching skincare products, and trust me the list is long.
A little life update: yours truly has completed her degree, now I’m anxiously waiting on the grades that I got, I really pushed for a 90% because I wouldn’t be my worse enemy if I didn’t put so much pressure on myself, but I’ll be happy with anything as long as it’s a first (1.1). This also means that the hunt for a job is now in full swing. I did take the first 5 days off to catch up on most of the things I wanted to watch, like Girl Boss, House of Cards, Dear White People, all on Netflix and Versailles season 2 has just started which I am living for it (for those interested, it’s on BBC iplayer), it feels nice to not have to worry about deadlines. But also very frustrating because there is absolutely nothing to do!

Well I have a song recommendation for you guys, I’ve been listening to it non-stop (that and the Gorillaz’ new album)

Jam Jam by IU





170420 – A New Balance

Some work from second year that I wanted to share.

Many sleepless nights happened because of this project. It’s one of those where I desperately want to forget about, but also have a big love for because I’m kinda proud of what we (my group and I) accomplished after disaster after disaster, think slow corrupt hard drives and tears.

Now that final year is almost done (D-7) I’m getting a bit giddy for it to hurry up and end already. It’s been 3 years of this, and I am just ready to move forward. Although it’s scary, yes and also very uncertain, knowing that I’ve done it has been good enough to fuel the desire to see what’s next.

170404 – April’s Wish

Happy April! I haven’t made one of these in ages. I love making wishlists, not because I’m expecting anyone to get these for me, but they’re a good reminder of things that I want to treat myself to eventually. Also, it’s great when your birthday comes around and people are like ‘what would you like’ and you don’t have to be there like uh…ummm. But to be honest that question comes by sporadically now that the good old twenties have rolled in.

I hope you understand that this post is coming in at a moment where really I should be working on a marketing report. They do say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks 💁🏾



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170215 – 00:00 I Don’t Want to Love You

I’ve literally been sharing this on all my social media because truly I am obsessed. This collaboration between June One Kim, Krystal and Beasts and Natives Alike is the 100 emoji. It’s upsetting that it’s only one song, but the thriller-like music video and creative direction for the entire artwork pretty much make up for it. I don’t think my love for Krystal Jung’s work can be expressed to a greater depth, an example is the many posts I’ve made about it, so…deal with it.



(source: BANA)

170204 – Rush

So I scheduled this but it didn’t publish on the right day. It actually turned it into a page…um, WordPress…. Anyway.

These mood boards are from another second-year project however, this was a group project. We actually worked on a video for this project. It was part 1 of the previous post that I shared yesterday. It’s looking at a trend forecast for A/W 16/17 for men and our main inspiration was the Windrush era of immigration of the 1950’s and 60’s, where a lot of African and Carribean arrived in the UK and created a large influence in fashion and music, introducing the ‘rude boy’ look, which we saw it rising again around the ends of 2015 and 2016. The order of the boards are looking at the past and present aspects of this trend and how the classic suit can be modernised to fit all kinds of styles and occasions. And we predicted that in the future it’ll evolve to incorporate more aspects of the traditional African or Carribean culture into it and create a hybrid of the past and future.



This is a part of a group work, so of course  it wouldn’t have been complete without the awesome people I worked with, Khalilah Scott, Rusheika Jessica Reid, Ruhena Begun and Zandile Hlomayi


170201 – Rags No Bones

In my second year I was tasked with creating a trend forecasting pack for any brand. At the time I was really interested in looking at menswear so I really just started playing around and doing some research on what I thought would be relevant in menswear A/W 16-17. That means that the trend the I created would’ve been in stores and streets now. I decided to look at Billy Reid, an american brand who’s aesthetics reflect a lot the Southern folk, but with a luxury twist, they usually show in New York mens fashion week. Their designs often show loose or unstructured silhouettes, materials are tactile and usually have this easy rugged country look.

Finding your target consumer and speaking to them to see what they like, what they would and wouldn’t buy is super important. Some aspects of my research didn’t make it to the final pack, but I still really want to share them here. I’ve recently made an issu account, where I’m going to be sharing some of the work I’ve done the past couple of years or so. You can check out the final pack for this particular work here. I’ll also be sharing it on my Behance as soon as I get to photograph all of the books I have.



Street-style Inspirations

Accessories Study

Colour forecast

161104 – Bastille Day

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down to make a blog post. I apologise for that I’ve been distracted, but also the lack of inspiration for content has kept me away from my online duties.
But I’ve got something interesting for you guys lol. So earlier this year I hear from someone on twitter that Bastille was having a tour and next thing I knew I was booking tickets for it, not even thinking about who would be there with me. Fast forward to the day before yesterday and there I was in the middle of the O2 arena all by myself waiting to go through the experience of a lifetime. I love Bastille and after a while of contemplating I realised that whatever I don’t care if I’m going to a concert on my own, I’m just gonna get batshit drunk and enjoy the music.
When did it stop being okay to have me time in public places like sold out arenas right?
It was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I bonded with quite a few people who’s names I don’t recall anymore (sorry), discovered a new incredible singer Leah Dou, who was their first opening act, and got so close to Dan that I could literally smell him! And they just kept thanking the crowd for coming and saying how incredible it was to be playing arenas and touring the world, it was so cute.
I’m not a huge fan of concerts  because 1) claustrophobic 2) huge crowds 3) can’t take in water and they have the audacity to charge over £1 for it and not take card, tsk. But I make exceptions for some bands and end up never regretting it. Bastille are just one of those feel-good bands for me, I can listen to their songs on loop all day and still get excited, so having that experience of seeing them live in a sea of people that were going through the same feelings was fascinatingly breathtaking. Ugh take me back!

160606 – Six Digits

I felt compelled to make a new post as I have been slacking on my online activities. So here’s a compilation of photos I had saved but never actually used them. Life has consisted of waking up at 6 am going to work, getting home at 7 to 8-ish eating a bowl of cereal and sleeping. It’s not like I’ve ever had much of an eventful lifestyle anyway, but it has really just fallen into an extremely ordinary grey routine. Although I’m probably working in one of the most inspiring places in London and surrounded by funny and vibrant people constantly my energy levels have just deflated and I just want to listen to acoustic songs in the dark until I fall asleep. Mood swings am I right, what can you do, hopefully this slump will end soon (I say as if someone/thing  other then myself has control over it) and i’ll stop ignoring my duties.




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160424 – Weekend Wishlist

Hi guys! It’s been a while. I do apologise for the lack of content. There’s so much going on, like I’m almost done with the second year! Time goes by so fast it’s absolutely insane. I still remember writing about how first year was almost done, and now here I am again. Although it’s been a year it feels like days. It’s all still a big blur concidering how stressful and chaotic this academic year was. I’ve been interning for a PR agency as part of my coricullum and I’ve learnt so much. Since I was 16 that I made up my mind that I wanted to go into PR and this was an amazing opportunity to see if it was really what I wanted, because interning at fashion week and interning full time are completely different, and I’m not going to lie there it has really been eye opening and got me questioning if that’s really want I want to do, which was something that was a bit scary because if you’ve had this plan already played out in your head and suddenly you hate it, I’m not saying that I hated, but I’m having second thoughts. But the good thing is I also got a lot of new skills that I think I can apply for other positions. Oh the joys of interning!

Back to what’s important, I’ve made another weekend wishlist! Haven’t done one in a while. These are just a couple of items I’ve been loving recently, they range from all different prices. You can shop them over my ‘Best of the UK’ collection at usetote.com which I’ve actually been an editor for a while, it’s an amazing app that lets you shop bloggers looks and save items to your own personal tote and it’ll notify you when something you’ve saved goes on sale! Make sure you check out the app for your phone



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